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Kelvin Foo is the Founder of KF Group of Companies and a co-owner director at TTS Group with 15 years of international experience from major cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, London, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Zhejiang, Penang, Johor Bahru, Brighton, Phnom Penh, Handforth, Jakarta etc. He returned to Singapore in late 2009 to make sure he did not miss out in his daughter’s growing up.

During his time in TTS Group, Kelvin and his business partner took the company from two person to the current 20 full-time staff and more than 200 part-time staff, spanning three countries Singapore, Vietnam and Australia. Particularly, Kelvin founded the Vietnam Office and started the operations from scratch.

In his career as a business leader, he also clinched the Promising SME500 2015 and was the “Top 10 Special Achievement Award 2015″ award winner. I was also the Honoree of the award Spirit of Enterprise (SOE) 2015 award.

Embracing a busy life, Kelvin also wears another hat of being a professional career coach Since 2010. He is the founder of Career Strengths Asia ( and KF Group Asia ( and is a firm believer of a strength-based career. Career Strengths has now been absorbed as flagship brand under KF Group. Kelvin is also a trained MBTI Facilitator and has a talent of able to pick out strengths in people and point them to careers which they would excel in.

Kelvin is always constantly brushing my skills in career coaching and client base is growing. His passion is to help people maximise their strengths and be their very best! Over the months, I have developed an unique system through identifying people’s strengths, values, passion and coupled with their background experiences, I am able to point them to, which most of the friends and clients would say, clarity.

Despite my frequent travels, he is also an Active Grassroots Leader with NECDC and RC, connecting frequently with residents since 2010.
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Promising SME500 2015 Award,

Top 10 Special Achievement Award – Traffic System Management Award


Spirit of Enterprise 2015 Honouree


    • Featured on The Straits Times, topic on “Congestion on Orchard Road”, Dec 2012
    • Featured on Local Radio Station FM95.8, February 2014
    • Featured on MyPaper on idisplay, March 2014
    • Featured on Lianhe Wan Bao on Centralised Bus Planning, 2014
    • Featured on Talking Point Channel 5 Media Corp, 2016. Click here to watch
    • Featured on Myanmar Local Press, 2016.


Experience and Qualifications

  • Certified Career Coach (Basic and Advanced Level) for more than four years
  • Professional consulting experience of more than 13 years, with managerial and business development experience more than
    eight (8) years.
  • Certified MBTI Facilitator
  • LTA Road Safety Accredited Reviewer
  • Company sponsorship for Masters Level at Imperial College London, UK
  • Extensive overseas experience in the Vietnam, the UK, Malaysia and Shanghai for 10 years, coupled with international professional exposure gained from working on high profile projects in more than 16 cities.



  • An enthusiastic freelance career coach with demonstrated ability
    in resume writing, interview preparation and training.
  • An experienced Manager with extensive recruitment experience
    including interview, terms negotiation etc.
  • A seasoned and sought-after mentor of young executives.
  • A powerful business development manager who frequently presents
    and engages with external top management such as CEOs, COOs and CFOs.
  • A problem solver and
    an effective bi-lingual speaker.


North East CDC District Councillor, 2014 – Present


Compassvale Beacon Residents’ Committee, 2012 – 2015


Lion Befrienders Bukit Merah - 2000-2005

Project  Vibrant Colours Lead Mentor  2011


My Linked-In Profile:


Personality Profiles

        MBTI Personality: ENTJ

                             DISC Personality: Middle D and High I              

         Gallup StrengthFinders Test:

                                       »      Individualisation

                                       »      Arranger

                                       »      Maximiser

                                       »      Analytical and

                                       »      Significance


My Transport Planning Company, TTS Group’s website:


My Career Coaching, Career Strengths Asia’s website:


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