International Media Exposure

1. Featured on The Straits Times, topic on “Congestion on Orchard Road”, Dec 2012

2. Featured on Local Radio Station FM95.8, February 2014

3. Featured on MyPaper on idisplay, March 2014

4. Featured on Lianhe Wan Bao on Centralised Bus Planning, 2014

LTA Bus Contracting Model

5. Featured on Talking Point Channel 5 Media Corp, 2016. Click here to watch

6. Featured on Myanmar Local Press, 2016.

7. Featured on Straits Times, topic on “Rights and Wrongs of Discretionary Right Turns” 2018.

8. Featured on VTC10 Vietnam on 29.04.2019, topic on “The traffic issues in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, and our total traffic solutions (!) to overcome them”.

9. Featured on Straits Times, topic on “Yishun Jams Ease with New Measures” 2019.

10. Featured on Straits Times, topic on “Experts See Scope for Road Space Changes Downtown” 2020.